Specialized Services

Our Occupational Therapists regularly participate in continuing education as a result of which we are able to offer the following additional services.

Services include:

  • Yoga Therapy
  • PGAP - Progressive Goal Attainment program
  • MPS - Microcurrent Point Stimulation
  • CogMed
  • BrainFx 360 Assessment
  • AMPS - Assessment of Motor and Process Skills
  • Coma Stimulation / Slow to Recover Program
  • Irlen Screening
  • Goal Management Training
  • Wheelchair prescription - ADP Authorizers

We are excited to announce the addition of MyndMove™ at our Pickering clinic.  MyndMove™ is a neurorehabilitation therapy that combines non-invasive functional electrical stimulation, a patient’s cognitive drive, and a therapist’s clinical guidance to treat upper extremity paralysis and improve voluntary arm and hand movements such as reaching and grasping for those who have experienced a stroke or spinal cord injury.


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