Medical Legal

After a traumatic personal injury event, it is critical to identify all areas of dysfunction through comprehensive assessment to develop the most effective treatment plan. Our experienced occupational therapists assess adults and children comprehensively (including physical, cognitive, behavioural and psycho-social aspects) and take a case management approach to every client’s care. Our therapists are continually upgrading their skills to offer our clients the interventions that best meet their needs.

Our team is led by Occupational Therapists with extensive understanding of the medical legal system. Our reports are internally reviewed and all clinicians receive mentorship and support on working within the complex medical legal system. We are part of the Ontario Rehab Alliance and have presence on the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists auto sector team.

We assess and treat clients with complex injuries, which may include:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Any neurological injury
  • Complex orthopaedic – fractures, ligament/muscle tears, amputations, hand injuries
  • Multiple traumas, Internal Injuries, or Burns
  • Chronic Pain
  • Or with significant pre-existing medical history or psychological overlay impacting rehabilitation.

Services include:

  • Attendant care assessment
  • Functional / situational assessments, including as part of catastrophic determination assessments
  • Future Care Cost / Life Care Plan Reports - by Canadian Certified Life Care Planners
  • Hospital Discharge Planning
  • Occupational therapy assessment and treatment for motor vehicle accidents
  • Occupational therapy assessment for slip and fall and medical malpractice - to outline functional impact of accident including physical, cognitive and psychosocial
  • Comprehensive intervention programs – addressing physical, cognitive and psychosocial impairments
  • Loss of Care assessment
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