Senior Care Occupational Therapy

With an aging population, it is more important than ever to provide programs and resources that help seniors maximize their quality of life, as they age in place or in supported environments. Taking a case management approach to senior care, our occupational therapists and social workers help seniors and their families to promote safe living environments that are conducive to health and longevity.

Our navigation service helps families make decisions around safe housing for the seniors in their lives. We examine the local health care system and explore resources within the community that can aid in achieving their goals. Working one on one with seniors within their home environment, we can also provide strategies and interventions to help people stay at home longer.

Occupational Therapy & Social Work Services

Our occupational therapy and social work services for seniors includes the following:

  • In-home assessment
  • Home safety consultation
  • Universal design and home accessibility consultation
  • Health and wellness programming
  • Balance and fall prevention training
  • Assistive device prescription and implementation
  • Assistive technology prescription and implementation
  • Mobility assessments
  • Assistance with exploring local resources and health system navigation
  • Cognitive assessment and treatment
  • In-clinic groups including stroke recovery group and brain fitness group
  • Palliative care education and support

SHARP: Seniors’ Health and Resilience Program

When you stop using your muscles, they weaken and physical tasks become more challenging. When you stop using your brain, the same thing happens – mental skills start to be more challenging. This is why we must never stop exercising both our bodies and our brains. It is also why our team of experienced occupational therapists and social workers developed the Seniors’ Health and Resilience Program (SHARP).

The Seniors’ Health and Resilience Program (SHARP) is designed to keep the mind and body healthy and active by engaging seniors in new activities that stimulate the brain to learn and build new pathways for brain communication to take place.

SHARP takes a holistic approach to seniors’ health and safety. The program includes balance work, coordination exercises, memory training, and other brain-based therapeutic activities that address the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges that develop as we age.

Seniors can feel good about doing exercise for their bodies and their minds. This training makes senior SHARP and improves brain and body resiliency. Building a resilient body and brain can support you to live a full life of activity throughout your senior years.

We encourage all seniors to participate in SHARP!

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