Pediatric Occupational Therapy

We offer exceptional assessment and programming to support children in recovering from injury or those who are delayed in particular areas of development. At Complex Injury Rehab, our comprehensive approach helps children find their strengths and learn strategies to overcome challenges in learning.

Our therapists combine traditional therapy with technology and individualized programming to maximize fine motor development, psychosocial functioning, and cognition (e.g. memory, attention, organizational skills, coordination, concentration, problem solving skills and cognitive flexibility).

Our pediatric occupational therapy services include:

We use Learning Without Tears in our programming, which employs multi-sensory strategies to address handwriting and keyboarding skills in kids from K-5; Pre-K programming utilizes purposeful play, multi-sensory activities and digital apps to help kids get set for entering school.

A hands-on and client-centred approach to treatment that seeks to improve gross motor function in children with neurological difficulties and in turn improve their independence in a variety of contexts.

Our concussion management program includes baseline testing and multi-disciplinary rehabilitation post-concussion; along with return to school or return to learn and return to sport guidance.

Sensory integration describes processes in the brain that allow us to take in information from our senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, balance, body in space), organize it and respond appropriately. Our occupational therapists complete sensory profile assessments and develop custom treatment plans based on these results.

Understand your child’s cognitive-behavioural profile in order to then develop a plan for addressing challenging behaviours at home or school or in interactions with peers.

Understand your child’s areas of cognitive strength and areas of cognitive challenge through a comprehensive functional cognitive assessment completed by one of our Occupational Therapists.  Results from this assessment can lead to recommendations for accommodations with learning, treatment programs to improve on areas of challenge, and/or education on compensating for areas of challenge and building on areas of strength.

Developed by our team of skilled professionals, this evidence-based intervention is specifically tailored to improve working memory and overcoming attention deficits. The goal is to promote individual and educational goals for sustainable brain health, mental wellness, engagement, and productivity.

Our Occupational Therapists create dynamic programs to address fine motor challenges.

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