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After a traumatic personal injury event, it is critical to identify all areas of dysfunction through comprehensive assessment to develop the most effective treatment plan. Our experienced occupational therapists assess adults and children comprehensively, including physical, cognitive, behavioural and psycho-social aspects, and take a case management approach to every client’s care.

Our team is led by occupational therapists with extensive understanding of the medical legal system. Our reports are internally reviewed, and all clinicians receive mentorship and support on working within the complex medical legal system.

We are part of the Ontario Rehab Alliance and have had presence on the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapist’s auto sector team. Our therapists are continually upgrading their skills to offer our clients the interventions that best meet their needs.

 We assess and treat clients with complex injuries, which may include:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Neurological injury
  • Complex orthopaedic – fractures, ligament/muscle tears, amputations, hand injuries
  • Multiple traumas, internal injuries, or burns
  • Chronic pain
  • Or with significant pre-existing medical history or psychological overlay impacting rehabilitation

Our Medical/Legal Occupational Therapy services include:

Completed by Canadian certified life care planners these reports comprehensively and defensibly outline an individual’s future care needs and costs associated with these good and services.

Our occupational therapists conduct these assessments over the course of two days in an individual’s home and local community in order to provide a comprehensive picture of functional status, areas of challenge, and impact on all aspects of an individual’s daily life.

Our Occupational therapists are familiar with completing the functional assessment components of the catastrophic determination process for brain injury (GOS-E), psychological impairments (mental-behavioural criteria/ AMA guidelines) and to guide determinations related to mobility impairments and whole person impairments.

Reports outline costs for services required in order to replace services previously completed by an individual who can no longer engage in such services.

Completed by an occupational therapist, the attendant care assessment comprehensively assesses an individual’s need for assistance with personal care from a physical, cognitive and psychological perspective and in the unique context of their own home and community environments.

Completed by an occupational therapist, this assessment outlines in detail the need for assistance with home management and can also provide market rate costs associated with these services.

Addressing physical, cognitive, and psycho-emotional functional status and impact impairments in these areas have on all areas of daily life including personal care, home management, social, leisure, work / school, and community access.

In addition to the spectrum of occupational therapy expert assessments, we also complete social work and chiropractic expert reports.

Utilizing a battery of tests to assess an individual’s physical, psychological, and cognitive status, the Functional Capacity Evaluation provides insight into the current functional status and abilities of a patient. Quantifying these measures allows for the determination of a patient’s current functional ability, as well as provides insight into their future occupational and daily task performance.

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