Concussion Management

Acute to Persistent Concussion Symptom Management

Following a suspected concussion, we will complete an initial rehab assessment to confirm diagnosis and provide immediate information on next steps. Most concussions resolve within weeks; however, proper management during this acute phase of recovery is essential.

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation reports that 10 to 15% of individuals who sustain a concussion will continue to experience significant symptoms beyond the normal recovery period of three months. These ongoing post-concussive symptoms can include headache, sleep disturbance, balance impairment, cognitive impairments, fatigue and mood impairments.

These symptoms can result in significant disability and impact an individual’s ability to return to desired activities including sport, work and caring for family. Our concussion management program is designed to address all areas of post-concussion syndrome with a goal of safe and efficient return to target activities.

Concussion Management Program

We are a certified Complete Concussion Management clinic (research-based concussion care solutions) and our therapists have advanced training in best practice for concussion management.

Dr. D. Warshafsky provides medical oversight to our concussion management programs and works closely with our rehab team to monitor recovery from concussion. Our multi-disciplinary concussion management team includes occupational therapists, social workers, and a chiropractor in order to allow for comprehensive care.

This care includes the following elements:

  • Comprehensive and in-depth assessment and report using BrainFx 360
  • Vestibular Assessment and Treatment
  • Visual Perceptual Assessment and Treatment
  • Physical Assessment and Treatment
  • Cognitive remediation and compensation strategies
  • Fatigue management
  • Anxiety management
  • Return to Learn/Sport/Work – Development, monitoring and progression of graded return to learn, return to sport, and return to work plans.
  • Engaging and interactive education sessions about the brain and concussion – suitable for kids, parents and coaches alike
  • Team building activities to teach athletes how to look out for other their safety and that of their teammates during play
  • Resources and literature about what to do if you suspect a head trauma during play

A concussion baseline test is a series of physical and cognitive tests that measure healthy brain function before a sports season starts – prior to an injury.  In the event of a concussion, the results of these tests can be used as a comparison to help your healthcare provider make decisions on your return to sport, school, or work.

Relying on symptom reports alone is risky; if a concussed individual shows no more symptoms this does not mean they have fully recovered from their concussion.

A well-designed concussion baseline test provides useful information for healthcare providers to reference post-concussion and helps them understand what types of results they should get when the individual is fully recovered (i.e.; return to baseline functioning).

A multi-modal, comprehensive battery of tests is imperative in a baseline concussion test.  We offer two types of baseline assessment, both multi-modal in nature.

Basic Baseline Assessment

  • Screen Physical (e.g.; reaction time, balance) and Cognitive skills including BrainFx Screen
  • Summary Report for reference

360 Baseline Assessment

  • More comprehensive and in-depth assessment (includes addressing psycho-emotional status, daily activity engagement, and more comprehensive cognitive skills assessment) and report
  • Includes one to one feedback session with our team
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