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Brain training is not a concept that most people are familiar with. If asked how to assess or improve our brain health, you probably couldn’t answer.

On the other hand, the importance of staying on top of our physical health is ingrained in us. We’re advised to exercise, monitor our blood pressure, keep our cholesterol in check and maintain a healthy weight.

According to the Ontario Brain Institute, 1 in 3 individuals will experience a brain disorder during their lifetime. This makes understanding our cognitive strengths and challenges, and monitoring changes over time all the more important.

As with physical health, early detection and treatment improves brain health outcomes. For those already experiencing brain dysfunction, better understanding means targeted treatment options, key to recovery and improving your quality of life.

Custom Brain Training Programs

Our team of occupational therapists works with you to understand your custom brain health profile and monitor your brain function, over time, through regular re-assessment. We will then create custom brain training programs to help you improve functioning in identified areas of challenge.

Historically, obtaining a comprehensive overview of brain health has been a long, challenging and often cost prohibitive process, which can limit access to intervention.

Our team uses the BrainFx 360 assessment tool to comprehensively measure and track your brain health. We can get a clear picture of your individual strengths and challenges using this powerful new assessment tool, suggest more targeted treatments and determine their effectiveness in helping to improve your quality of life.

Following comprehensive assessment, we create individualized cognitive stimulation and brain training programs. We create programs for people of all ages and all levels of ability – programs are developed in line with your unique brain health profile.

Talk to us about a custom brain training program for you, a client or loved one.

CIR Cognitive Recovery Program Powered by BEARS™

Complex Injury Rehab has teamed up with ABI Wellness to bring ​The Brain Enhance and Recovery System (BEARS™) cognitive enhancement program to Ontario. This program is for individuals with persistent brain issues, it is developed to strengthen the neural connections in your brain to improve your higher-order cognitive and behavioural functions. The BEARS™ Program is now available at our Pickering, Mississauga, and Barrie Clinics. Build increased capacity through neuroplastic programming with our 3 options: virtual, part-time/full-time in person, or hybrid. ABI Wellness offers a transformative, evidence-based licensing solution for patients with chronic brain injury to improve higher-order cognitive functioning.  The interdisciplinary model delivers a cognitive intervention system that improves patients’ quality of life and return-to-work possibilities.

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BEARS Assessment
BrainFX 360 Assessment X X
Neurocatch Assessment X X
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3-5 months
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