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An Introduction to Sleep & it’s Effects

An Introduction to Sleep & it's Effects Sleep is the naturally recurring state of mind in which our consciousness is altered and awareness to external stimuli is reduced. Humans can spend around 1/3 of their [...]

Manage Your Brain Injury Symptoms in the Heat

Manage Your Brain Injury Symptoms in the Heat As the days become longer, the air becomes warmer, and the leaves begin to grow- we notice the emergence of the summer heat at last. After our [...]

The Brain Hidden Within – Cognitive Rehabilitation

The Brain Hidden Within So here you are. The frightening diagnosis of a brain injury, concussion, post-concussion, mild concussion; it comes in many forms. That’s ok, you think, “it is going to get better, I [...]

Physical Exercise & Cognitive Health

Physical Exercise & the Benefits to Cognitive Health As we transition into longer days and warmer weather, we begin to witness every aspect of nature come alive again.  For some of us, this means revisiting [...]

Youth and Motivation

Youth and Motivation “It’s hard to be motivated” – Why Teens are Experiencing Low Motivation and How We Can Help Recently, there was an online panel discussion of high school students who shared their experiences [...]

Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home

Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home With more individuals working from home than ever due to a shift in the nature of our work, our bodies may be taking a toll from working [...]

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