Occupational Therapist

Richard is a Registered Occupational Therapist in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapists and a member of the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists. Richard practices in both English and Cantonese.

Richard is experienced in comprehensive assessment that incorporates physical, functional, cognitive, and psycho-social assessment. He has additional training in Goal Management Training for Executive functions, PGAP, Microcurrent Point Stimulation (pain management modality), Orthotics, Motivational Interviewing, and is certified as an administrator of BrainFx 360 assessment and for the Complete Concussion Management program.

Richard’s current practice includes occupational therapy assessment and treatment with a variety of populations. He utilizes concepts from his training in the PGAP program and experience with psycho-education and graded exposure therapy in working with clients with psychosocial impairments.

Richard administers the BrainFx assessment with clients with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury and develops recommendations for treatment using results from this comprehensive assessment.

He is experienced in the prescription of assistive equipment including working with a variety of populations to manage equipment and assistance needs. He also has experience in ergonomic assessment and with return to work programs for adults with a variety of diagnoses.

When Richard is not working, he enjoys snowboarding, swimming and walking.

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