Custom Brain-Based Care

We follow a brain-based approach to rehabilitation activities & care management.

This approach takes brain plasticity into account.  Brain plasticity means that the brain ​CAN and DOES repair itself and change in response to damage caused by an injury or illness.  Taking advantage of brain plasticity is done by activating – or stimulating – the brain using traditional therapeutic techniques coupled with new approaches and technologies.

Not just any form of stimulation will work.  Activities or therapies that are specifically designed to activate the damaged sections of the brain are most effective.

Our Solutions

The Moving Brain

The Moving Brain is responsible for telling our muscles how to perform coordinated whole body movements (gross motor) and smaller movements (fine motor).

When we pick up a large boulder we use gross motor movements.  Our brain decides how much force our muscles will need to apply, how to best angle our arms and legs and how close to hold it against our bodies.

When picking up a small pebble we use find motor movements. Our brain dictates how to move our fingers, how to pinch the small rock and how to move it in our hand without dropping it.

Neurological damage stemming a spinal cord injury, a head injury or a stroke often impact a person’s ability to move.  In these cases, the messages coming to our muscles and organs from our brain are being interrupted.  Alternatively, messages can be stuck in the brain as they come in; get lost during processing; or are shut down just as the body is about to execute the desired movement.

At Complex Injury Rehab we’ll help you MOVE more easily.

The Thinking Brain

The Thinking Brain is the source of our ideas, and our opinions. It is responsible for memory, attention, planning, task execution, decision-making, way-finding, and higher level thinking.

Clinically, we refer to the Thinking Brain as ‘cognition’, a word derived from the Greek ‘gnosis’ which makes reference to ‘knowing’.

And so cognition is about what the brain does to help us interpret and interact with the world around us.

Cognition starts with the ability to be aware, oriented, to remember and to attend and increases in complexity to higher-order thinking skills.

These include the ability to execute complex tasks simultaneously, or to plan out your week, or to interact appropriately in an environment where an understanding of subtle social nuances is important.

At Complex Injury Rehab, we’ll help you THINK more efficiently.

The Feeling Brain

The Feeling Brain regulates mood, is the source of human emotions and the part of the brain that controls our expression of emotions and feelings.

The feeling brain carries a big load as it works to process every feeling and thought that in turn dictate our behaviour.

If you are upset because you failed an exam, you may feel angry or sad. When we process these kinds of emotions effectively all is well. But many of us turn to thoughts that are not helpful and create anxiety, depression or even the need to medicate our pain with addictive substances.

The statistics around mental health in Ontario are staggering. By the time the average Canadian is 40 years of age, 1 in 2 will have or had a mental health issue.

Despite the reported need for enhanced services mental health care is hard to find. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses impact work, participation in leisure, self-esteem and the health of relationships.

Mental illness impacts families when an immediate family member is ill. Caregivers need support and resources. Often mental illness arises as a secondary condition resulting from a co-existing medical condition or other health challenge.

At Complex Injury Rehab we’ll help you FEEL stronger than ever.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote health and maximize quality of life & independence with our clients.

More specifically, we provide high quality rehabilitation services to our clients to minimize disability and promote participation in life activities at home, school, work, and in the community.

Our focus is on the assessment and treatment of clients, who have experienced severe or catastrophic injuries, or whose cases are more complex due to multiple trauma, psychological overlay, or pre-existing medical history.

Our Services

Our Roots

Complex Injury Rehab was founded by Occupational Therapists Tracy Milner and Heather Condello in 2008. Both had a passion for neuro-rehabilitation and made it their mission to promote healthy function and maximal quality of life for their clients. During these early years, Heather and Tracy also developed BrainFx – a digital tool that measures mild symptoms of concussion.

Rehabilitation Company of the Year

The Ontario Brain Injury Association presents the Awards of Excellence in Brain Injury Rehabilitation to those who consistently provide exceptional service to the brain injury community each year. Complex Injury Rehab is honoured to have been nominated for the past three years. In 2019, we were named the Rehabilitation Company of the Year.

Where We Are Now

Since 2008 Complex Injury Rehab has experienced steady growth. We have also evolved, and today, our clinic is equipped with technology that is hard to find elsewhere. We continue to promote healthy function and quality of life in a new age as evidence mounts for the beneficial uses of virtual reality, immersive simulations and digital treatment and assessment platforms like BrainFx.

Areas We Serve

Providing high-quality services when and where you need them.

Our team of experienced clinicians provides treatment at the hospital, home, work, or in the community throughout southern Ontario.  We currently offer community based services in the Greater Toronto Area, Durham Region, York Region, Barrie and surrounding areas, Hamilton-Niagara, Peterborough/Northumberland, and Milton/Guelph.

Our Brain, Spine, and Mental Health clinic is located in Pickering, Ontario where we see clients during regular business hours.

We have therapists that speak a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Farsi, and German.


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We are an experienced team dedicated to maximizing your potential for brain, spine and mental health.