About Us

Our overall mission is to promote health and maximize quality of life and independence for our clients.

More specifically, we provide high quality rehabilitation services to our clients to minimize disability and promote participation in life activities at home, school, work, and/or in the community. Our focus is on the assessment and treatment of clients, who have experienced severe or catastrophic injuries, or whose cases are more complex due to multiple trauma, psychological overlay, or pre-existing medical history.

Complex Injury Rehab Inc. is owned and managed by Occupational Therapists Tracy Milner and Heather Condello. Our team consists of experienced clinicians, who deliver occupational therapy services at the hospital, home, work, or in the community. We provide services to both adults and children.

Our head office is located in Pickering, Ontario but our clinicians are located throughout Ontario. We currently service the Greater Toronto Area, Pickering-Ajax-Oshawa-Whitby, Barrie, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton-Niagara, Peterborough, and surrounding areas.

Our Approach

Our approach to rehabilitation is rooted in occupational therapy theory. Our client is at the core of our team. We respect that our client's goals, abilities, limitations, values, culture, and input impact his/her rehabilitation success.

Our clients' abilities include physical, cognitive and psychosocial aspects. Their activities can include self-care, productivity (e.g., work, caregiving, housekeeping, volunteering, etc), and leisure. The environment is the context in which they engage in their activities (e.g., physical environment, social environment).

Only when all of these factors and their interaction are considered can we as therapists promote our clients' ability to function. Our team therefore considers each of these areas in our assessments and intervention.

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